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Wat Phanan Choeng

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Wat Phanan Choeng is a Buddhist temple in the city of Ayutthaya on the east bank of the Chao Phraya river. As part of the Ayutthaya historical park, the temple is a popular tourist attraction. The temple features an immense high seated Buddha that is a highly revered Buddha statue considered as a guardian for mariners.

The Chinese man Zheng He bestowed gifts upon the temple in great ceremony that included Siamese royal participation and Thai and Chinese visitors visit this temple in his honour. There are also merit making ceremonies, firecrackers and ritualistic fish feeding that make this a hectic temple. The signature attraction of the temple is the nineteen metre high Phra Phanan Choeng that is surrounded by eighty four thousand Buddha images that line the walls of the temple.

The temple can be reached by ferry from the pier near the Phom Phet fortress. Bicycling can also be done in the area and is a popular recreational resource in this historic temple. The temple is not just a part of the legacy of Ayutthaya, it is also a part of the cultural celebrations of the people of the city who gather there to celebrate occasions or just hang around in the temple complex.