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Wat Na Phramen

Wat Na Phramen is a small but interesting temple north of the royal island in Ayutthaya and played a pivotal role in the history of the place. The king of Ayutthaya signed a peace treaty with the Burmese here but after a few years the Burmese attacked Ayutthaya and set up canons to fire on the palace of the king.

The Burmese king while firing the canon wounded himself as the canon blew up and the Burmese left the temple out of superstition. The octagonal columns of the temple are topped with lotus cups while the windows are high narrow slits to let the air inside. The columns are painted dark red with gold decorations while the coffered ceiling is decorated in red and gold.

On the dais there is the Buddha image with a rather sour face that is typical of the late Ayutthaya style. There is also a dark green Buddha image in seated position with feet resting on the lotus pad. The temple is one of the most beautiful Ayutthaya monasteries and contains the Buddha statue in regal attire. The temple is not just full of history, it is also an interesting place to visit for the lovers of art and culture.

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