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Wat Chai Watthanaram

Wat Chai Watthanaram is a Buddhist temple in the city of Ayutthaya historical park on the west bank of the Chao Phraya river. The temple is one of the best known religious structures in the city of Ayutthaya and a significant tourist attraction for visitors to this area.

The temple is a large compound part of the Ayutthaya historical park and not the historic city of Ayutthaya that is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are eight chedi shaped chapels in the temple with one hundred and twenty sitting Buddha statues painted in black and gold. The paintings on the interior walls of the temple depict scenes from the life of the Buddha and are read clockwise.

In each chedi there are two sitting Buddha statues while there is one big Buddha statue in each of the four middle points. The complex is a royal temple area where kings performed religious ceremonies. The temple also reflects the Buddhist world view of three worlds while there is also the symbolic structure of Mount Meru and the four continents in four directions in the world sea. The temple is a unique historical structure close to the city of Bangkok and gets its own share of visitors and tourists.

There is a regimented daily program of meditation that attracts both locals and foreign tourists who want to delve into the realms of exotic fitness regimens and esoteric traditions of the east. The temple is a fascinating tourist attraction and study place for monks.

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