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Sukhothai Historical Park

Take a walk through ancient temples and crumbling chedi’s from the 13th and 14th century, in Sukhothai Historical Park. The ruins here are kept in near tip top shape, and the tropical vegetation surrounding the park is stunning. To put it bluntly, this UNESCO Heritage site is a Thailand gem.

The Historical Park is located in the city of Sukhothai about six hours drive north from Bangkok.

The ruins are from the 13th and 14th century Khmer civilization, from when Sukhothai was a thriving capital trade city. For a couple hundred baht on top of the entrance fee, you can get a headphone guided audio tour, and a soothing David Attenborough sounding voice will explain what many of the ruins used to be, and give you a general feel for what life was like when the city was at it’s peak. 

Bikes are also available for rent, a fun way to travel through the 70 square kilometer grounds.

The nightlife is a little lackluster in Sukhothai, but there are a few bars. I recommend checking out Fong Bear bar. They have beers from all over the word at a reasonable price, awesome music, and the owners Puu and Best will make you feel right at home.

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Sukhothai is one of my favorite spots in Thailand. The city is quaint, and the ruins are a glorious window into Southeast Asian history that should be on every Thailand traveler’s bucket list.