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Nong Prachak Park

The star of Udon Thani and my favorite spot in the city, Nong Prachak public park is a vibrant and peaceful destination popular with tourists and locals.

In early evenings, the park buzzes to life with locals playing sports, people walking around the lakes, musicians playing in the grass, and vendors selling sticks of succulent meat and other Thai market foods.

Head there around sunset, and take a walk over one of the many beautiful bridges to catch the light of the setting sun reflecting off the water. Take an art class and paint some pottery at the edge of the water, or try your hand at making fresh papaya salad with one of the locals during their nightly tutorials.

There is a giant stage at the far end of the park where live bands will play occasionally, and you can try busting a move to some authentic Thai music. No need to worry about transportation, Tuk tuks and taxis surround the park and keep travel cheap and easy.

The vibe at Nong Prachak is cheerful, and every passing face seems to have a smile glued to it. This is a not-to-miss destination for anyone traveling near Udon Thani. It is truly a golden treasure of the city.


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