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Mon Tha Than waterfall

Mon Tha Than waterfall is a peaceful waterfall on the Doi Suthep mountain in Chiang Mai. It makes for a lovely break to the journey up the mountain. There is a charge to enter the waterfall area and people can bring their own transport also and accommodation is also provided in tents in the area.

The walk can be enticing as one climbs up the waterfall with relative ease and one should also be careful in climbing up smooth rocks at quite sharp angle. Water flows over part of this rock and it is best to avoid the flow of water to prevent falling down. The waterfall is part of the Doi Suthep national park in northern Thailand and is sixteen kilometers out of town.

There is a pleasant and short walk to the waterfall and tourists and locals relax and swim in one of the nature pools here. The waterfall visit can be a nice day trip to flee the pollution of Chiang Mai city and is great place to have a picnic, hang out in the forest and also take photographs. The waterfall is one the way to the temple of Doi Pui and becomes really large during rains.

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