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Huai Kaeo waterfall

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Huai Kaeo waterfall is located near the zoo in Chiang Mai and is a pleasant place for relaxation and picnics. It is one of the favourite attractions in Chiang Mai and families come here to enjoy the peace and quiet and the breathtaking views. People also just sit and relax in the area and enjoy the scenery or hike up to the top of the falls to enjoy the view overlooking the city.

The waterfall is located just five minutes drive from the city centre and there are a few simple restaurants and vendors at the entrance area. One can hike through the bushes up the hill and there are also few places where there are pools of water deep enough for swimming. Swimming in the deeper pools under the waterfall can be exciting and refreshing as the water is cool and on a hot day it can be a good respite from the heat.

There can also be littering like broken bottles on the trail to the waterfall and one should be carful about that. The waterfall can be a nice place to sit for a picnic and there are also many butterflies in the area that are pretty to watch.