Trendy Office, Sukhumvit 13, G Floor Bangkok, Thailand

Central World

Central World is a shopping plaza and complex in Bangkok and is the sixth largest shopping complex in the world. The area includes a hotel and office tower and has undergone designs and renovations. The Red Shirts anti-government protesters set fire to a section of the complex and the mall reopened after repair.

The complex was originally called the World Trade Centre and there was also a bombing explosion adjacent to the Central World shopping centre. Nearby attractions to the complex include the Erawan shrine, Chulalongkorn University and MBK Centre shopping mall. The Central World Square is the largest outdoor activity square in Bangkok that is ideal for large scale parties like the New Year Party with four hundred dancing fountain heads.

The SF World Cinema is located on the seventh floor of the complex and features Thai cinema premiers and also the Bangkok International Film Festival. The Groove section features variety of cafes and restaurants and hang out space while there is also a bookstore and ice rink. With eight storeys, the shopping complex is one of the largest shopping centres of south east Asia. There are also two Hindu shrines located in the north east corner, one for Trimurti and the other for Ganesha.

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